Websites access for children


Websites access for children

I posted a topic a few days ago as my child could not access his school homework website even though it was clearly "allowed" in the Settings

I had to request support from F-secure and they had to do a remote connection to check what was the problem. They did a few things which did not fix the problem but the worse is that all my denied and allowed websites settings have disappeared and when I try to re-add them I cannot. Nothing happens.

I am pretty desperate now as none of my kids have parental settings


Anybody experienced a similar problem?


Many thanks


Re: Websites access for children



Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


I think that it is uncommon situation (inability to re-add websites to allowed/denied websites list; and such Support fixes as 'removing' entries OR disabling certain module).


If there is expected any potential suggestions. Some of my own tries:


-> Just interesting - on current time (just as doublecheck) it is also not possible to open/use noted website?

-> Does stuck with inability re-add websites is some count of days/hours already? And after restart system?

And does it possible to open list and place where possible to add allowed/denied website. But after adding - nothing?

-> Maybe it is an option to try reinstall F-Secure SAFE solution. Like uninstall it at first -> then reinstall back. If it is an option for you - I do able to provide some useful articles about process of uninstallation and reinstallation.

Also if your experience will be about reinstallation - good to re-check that when F-Secure is uninstalled -> website is accesible.