Still can't remove spyware


Still can't remove spyware

I recently installed a 30 day trial of Internet Security to evaluate it before buying it. I did a full system scan and the report detailed that it had removed 17 spyware programs. I still have the following two spyware programs listed in my Programs and Features panel:

1- Driver Scanner by Uniblue
2- PC Performer

When I try to uninstall these spyware programs utilizing the Uninstall function in the Program and Features panel, they will not uninstall.

I am running on Windows 7 on a laptop.

I am looking for a good Security Suite to purchase; why did F-Secure not detect these, and remove them? What should I do?

Thank you.



Re: Still can't remove spyware

First of all, no anti-virus product can protect you to 100%!


The programs you mention are called PUP = Potentially Unwanted Programs, and they aren't normally detected by anti-virus products as they are not considered viruses. You should scan with a program I recommend to all regardless which anti-virus product you have. It will find stuff that anti-virus products don't.


In the future I recommend you scan any files before executing and installing new software:

This is a multi-engine service that scans with up to 50 different anti-virus products (F-Secure is one of them).


From experience I can tell you that some infections can require 5 or more anti-virus products to get clean, but with some of the worst infections you can't get clean at all. So take my advice and scan all downloaded and executable files before you run or install them.

With that many "infections" you need to be more careful in the future. That's just my humble advice Smiley Wink

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Re: Still can't remove spyware



Alternatively you can try one of these...


Or any of the Live Distro from Avira or Kaspersky ISO Rescue Disc... Burn to a CD-R and boot it up

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Re: Still can't remove spyware

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Re: Still can't remove spyware



you are going to confuse users if you give them too wide a choice of scanners.


Further, to detect and remove PUPS/adware/spyware I would question whether some of those you listed were adequate for the job.


Overall as NikK suggested let them scan with Malwarebytes first. If this does not work then we can suggest some other scanners. In this context it would be helpful if cedarbrook posts back again.