Renew Subscription


Renew Subscription

My Safe subscription has just expired and  I am trying to renew it.


However because it has expired the "Renew" button has dissappeared from my F-Secure home page.


I have looked everywhere and each time it sends me back to my F-Secure home page?


Help please.


Re: Renew Subscription



Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

One option is try to contact their official Support Channel (chat as example):


I am not sure if there is any proper advice about, but maybe good to doublecheck things like:

-> but does it possible to purchase F-Secure SAFE under your My F-Secure account portal ( as "Buy"? Though I think that option to renew is should be there anyway (?!) as ability to enter a subscription code.

-> does your renewal price was with discount?


and there is knowledgebase article:

Is it useful or applied to your situation?