Problem with never-ending auto-update


Re: Problem with never-ending auto-update

Since my last post on Friday, the update service has worked quite a bit better. Somehow my complaint seems to have triggered a reaction. Almost every update runs smoothly now. Although on Sunday, the update struggled for several hours to complete. The underlying problem is most likely my inexperience with computers, although i think that someone also screws with me. The other day I was taking a 120 mb download. It was coming in steadily, then it failed in the last several mb,s. This has happened before where something cuts me off at the end of a download and I lose the entire time spent downloading. Of course when I am downloading a large file, there is the problem of  fsecure update breaking the stream causing the loss of the file download. On top of that, I live in a weak signal area, 2 bars is typical. Also, I do not have any extra money to make the few changes that could help,: I am on a fixed income.  The bottom line seems to be that I now have to live with this until I can afford to make a change to another antivirus product.