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Poweliks Gen 4 Virus


Poweliks Gen 4 Virus

Detected by F-Secure and said removed but this Virus is in the start up and is a loop. 3,000 messages so far about F-Secure removing this virus but it keeps reappearing over and over again. I have to minimize the f-secure message because its constant. How do I get rid of this Virus and message permanently?


Re: Poweliks Gen 4 Virus

In this case i would recommend building yourself a rescue-stick (, boot from this and remove the infection. 

You could also try (depending on your OS version) booting to safe-mode with networking and see if you can launch f-secure or at least the web-based online scanner from there. If this fails > go for the F-Secure rescue-stick.


Re: Poweliks Gen 4 Virus



Did trying @moe120 suggestion help?


Otherwise it sounds like some unwanted program isn't removed. Have you had a look in your controlpanel, and checked if there is any programs that could be removed?

If this still doesn't work, I would recommend contacting our anti virus department via submit-a-sample where you can select that they can contact you. For them to be able to help, please provide a sample of the file that keeps getting removed, so they can instruct you how to remove it.

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