I have a Trojan and can't get rid of it, F-Secure doesn't find it


Re: I have a Trojan and can't get rid of it, F-Secure doesn't find it



I could find no logs that told me anything useful


Sorry for my ask.

Does your experience about their Safety Scanner tool (msert):


Or your experience monthly Removal Tool (and maybe it is also marked as msert)?

If not about Safety Scanner tool -> maybe it is possible to run it. And then re-check if there is 'msert.log' with some information. Otherwise -> I will re-check it with my system too! 


With my experience it was with next view:


-> I downloaded Safety Scanner (msert) from noted URL.

-> launch it.

-> tool detected items.

-> I open "C:\Windows\debug\msert.log"

latest scan was with next view:

-- tool-name;

-- timestamp;

-- Extended Scan Results (I choose certain folder for scan also);

-- scan mistakes (resources which are not scanned);

-- then string "Threat detected: Virus: DOS/EICAR_Test_File"

And next view:


further strings with hashes and metadata for items; then some removal strings.



Where "drive:\folder\malicious-file.exe" is path like "C:\folder\malicious-file.exe" (so, destination of detected item).


Maybe with your experience -> such log-file (text-file) also should be with some entries about detected item. And if not -> does item is still detected by scan-process?



Re: I have a Trojan and can't get rid of it, F-Secure doesn't find it

I finally got rid of it.  I believe it was a remnant of a trojan I had about a month ago and a tech from F Secure helped me kill it, but I think it left a remnant that Microsoft Safety Scanner kept finding and identifying as a serious virus.  Malwarebytes helped me with a special program they have that zapped the remainder of the trojan and now I don't get the error.  Thank you for the help, I am 73 years old and know little about these things and depend on those of you who know more than I do.  Thanks again but I'm okay now, it's gone!

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