How to stop F secure pop UP!


How to stop F secure pop UP!

Hello i do not want F secure on my internet browser and it keeps pop up every time i start my pc. Please make it stop, its not a freeware i use i do not want to keep telling no every day. 


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Re: How to stop F secure pop UP!



Sorry for my ask.


Do you able to explain more about your experience?


--- Does there popup about F-Secure Safe Search (F-Secure AV/IS/SAFE)?

If yes... maybe you able to re-check this topic (with explanation/responses):


And there was couple of other topics with related trouble. There is not visible feedback about situation;

Official response was that most likely there can be useful to trigger update/upgrade F-Secure SAFE to recent build; Or reinstallation F-Secure;

My own suggestion -> re-check if there can be useful temporary switch your default browser to another and restart system;


--- Or your experience about something else (like Browsing Protection extension)?

Or maybe there another platform (not Windows)?


Sorry for my reply. Good if there will be normal and official response from F-Secure teams/staff;




Re: How to stop F secure pop UP!

It might be useful if you could post a screenshot of the popup.