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Thank you for sharing this. I feel fortunate that I didn't see the FB comments earlier.  I would not have been so persistant in thinking there was  a solution. They are ready to rumble and I can totally sympathize.  All of you made me feel it was possible and that I just needed to find the right combination. Thank you.

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Hello all,


I found some information about the Facebook F-Secure Scanner in this link. The message is actually legitimate and the post will provide further details.


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The comments on that are also extremely negative. I'm quite disappointed that F-Secure have got involved with something like this, given that the general advice is not to download from pop-ups and banner ads.
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Even though legitimate, like Simon points out downloading from a popup is not advisable no matter what site your on,  common sense to the security conscience says "Don't Click".... Downloading from a FB popup, no one in my circles would do it while sober :)

Even legitimate links are easily manipulated online, and FB is not known for its "stringent" security.

Did you read the reception or reaction of the majority of the people in that thread wow lol.


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Hi everyone, sorry to be a bit late in the discussion. Let me clarify some moments of Facebook remediation campaign.


The purpose of the campaign is elimination of fraud. When Facebook sensors detect unusual activity on walls - frequent posting of malicious or fraudulent content from the same user, they assume the user has malware and put this profile into remediation flow.


Yes, Facebook uses our F-Secure Online Scanner along with scanners from other vendors. Choice of scanner is somewhat automatic; it is based on remediation confidence against prevalent Facebook malware. Can be so that recently Facebook introduced page where user can choose which scanner to run, but I personally have never seen it.


Yes, UX around the scan is not yet ideal. It is not really related to F-Secure or ESET, UX will be the same for all scanners. We work with Facebook to make it better but it is continious process and some steps can still be not so obvious to users. To make matters even more complicated, UX is different in different browsers. In your case it can be so that scanner got downloaded but not run, leaving profile in awaiting limbo state. Or even not downloaded, if you as any sane user in XXI century block popups :)


Let me illustrate it with beatiful pictures.


Beginning of the flow - here we don't expect problems.




When the scanner choice is done, here's the next page.



Still linear, isn't it. Click Download and here's where confusion starts.


IE. You must click Run to proceed.




Another IE. You must click yellow popup line and allow the file to run.




Mozilla. After the file is downloaded, you should double click it, otherwise it won't run.




And so on. I agree, not so obvious sometimes. Unfortunately browsers and security models are different.

When the scanner is running, you can see progress and yellow icon in the tray. Starting from this moment, you can logon to Facebook profile without waiting the end of scan. When scaner's done scanning, Facebook sends private message to user with results of scan.



I hope it helps to go through the flow.



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Thanks for that,
I have not seen this either, but I run Adguard Premium alongside my F-Secure and MB Anti Exploit Premium.
Both of which may block this popup.
Is there a "safe" way to trigger this on FB to test ?

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No. It can be triggered only for special FB accounts available to vendors for development.
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Can I share this This thread over at Malware Tips, I ask because I dont want to break or violate any forum policy ?

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Sure, it's public.