FSecure search -just for IE?


FSecure search -just for IE?

Is it possible to use F Secure Seach with other browsers e.g Mozilla?


Re: FSecure search -just for IE?



Yes, this is possible.

But does you mean F-Secure Search (toolbar) or just F-Secure Search as Search page (like search.f-secure.com)?


If just F-Secure Search (as search provider) - so.. you able to use it with any of browsers. And able to set up as search provider - if browser supported javascript (and design for "support providers").


if F-Secure Search for desktop installations (toolbar including) - so... you able to use it too.

If your browser is Internet Explorer (as default one browser / system browser for opening web-pages) and Search configured there.  You have probably two workarounds to get it under Firefox:


--> Manual install extension for Firefox (from F-Secure Online Safety folder about Safe Search).

Like "extension"-file re-transfer to Firefox page about extensions. Should be trigger for installation extension.

And enable it.


--> Re-change default browser to Firefox. And restart system. It should to trigger F-Secure prompt for Safe Search installation automatically (with your setting).

You able to re-change default browser back to your previous (after this steps).


Troubles with this workarounds - potentially any updates for toolbar/extension should be upgraded manually.


Sorry if you ask about something else.

And sorry for my long reply.