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F-Secure videos by product/function


F-Secure videos by product/function

Internet Security
Internet Security(2013):
Online Safety:
Browsing Protection:
Banking Protection:
Parental Control:
Safe Profile(Facebook):
Restrict web content:


Mobile Security
Mobile Security:
Parental Control:






Child Safe (browser for iPhone/iPad):


Safe browser (Windows 8 Phone with F-Secure SAFE):


Anti-Virus for Mac:

Anti-Virus for PC:


More videos:
(for example on how to install, change settings, set time limits for children etc)


For a more detailed description, see the product documentations:

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Re: F-Secure videos by product/function

Very nice and organized list, thanks for sharing!
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Re: F-Secure videos by product/function

Thanks Chrissy. If you think it'll be useful then maybe a sticky?! Now that there's room for one more after the cleaning Smiley Wink


Re: F-Secure videos by product/function

A new video is out, for Freedome


Freedome (a mobile app for Anti-malware, Anti-spying, VPN) will also be available for iOS, "latest on February" according to F-Secure on Twitter.


Additional info from this KB article:

The first public releases of F-Secure Freedome support Android 4.1 and later, and iOS 7.
PC and Mac versions will be released in 2014.
Windows Phone doesn't currently support VPN which is the technology F-Secure Freedome is based on.


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