F-Secure 2012 Deepguard blocking MS programs


F-Secure 2012 Deepguard blocking MS programs

As of this morning, I was unable to load any Microsoft products, including all elements of Office 2010, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger. The message received was simply 'x has stopped working'.

After much experimenting and some help from a technical specialist, I discovered that disabling Deepguard APM allows me to access the programs again.

I'm now concerned that I don't have the APM protection - is there a way of enabling APM to allow the MS applications that it was previously fine with?


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Re: F-Secure 2012 Deepguard blocking MS programs

Hello All,


We've released an automatic update labeled "F-Secure DeepGuard Update 2012-03-15_01" to all Internet Security 2012 users.


There's no need to use the beta fsdbupdate9.exe I posted earlier to this thread.


We're are confident the update will solve the issue and are looking forward to your feedback.




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Re: F-Secure 2012 Deepguard blocking MS programs

Allow programs that DeepGuard has blocked

To allow a program that DeepGuard has blocked:
1. On the main page, click Tasks.
2. Click Allow an application to start.
The Monitored applications list is shown.
3. Click the Permission column to sort the list into groups of allowed and denied programs.
4. Select the program, which you want to allow, and click Details.
5. Under Permission , select Allow.
6. Click OK.
7. Click Close.
The program you selected is now allowed to run and make system changes.

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Re: F-Secure 2012 Deepguard blocking MS programs

What operating system is installed (e.g. Win7 64-Bit)?


EDIT: Have you installed today any Microsoft (system or office products) updates?

Baybe they are the reason for this problem.


Re: F-Secure 2012 Deepguard blocking MS programs



Thanks for this, but the MS applications are not listed in the Monitored Applications panel - and there is no option to add new applications, just to remove or see details of ones already in the list.


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It's win7 32-bit. Nope didn't change a thing between last night and this morning, no new programs added. Just powered up this morning and thhey weren't working!


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I am using Win 7 - 64 bits and it is the same thing. Outlook 2010 and Streets & Trips 2010 & 2011 will not work. Disable Deepguard and Presto! they work again.


Please get this fixed, I really don't want to go along withot Deepguard for too long.



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Re: F-Secure 2012 Deepguard blocking MS programs


I apologize for the inconvenience caused. We do aware of this issue, we are currently working on to fix it. Please disable the APM for the meanwhile as a workaround.

@ftmk and @AF,

Much appreciate if you could send an e-mail to our support: xxxx@f-secure.com with FSDIAG attached. This would be a great help to us in resolving the issue.


[Moderator edit, this email address is no longer in use, please refer to the web form:


Once done this, kindly PM me the SR ID number received.


Best Regards,

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Re: F-Secure 2012 Deepguard blocking MS programs

Bumped upon the same problem. The problem seems to not be the whole Deepguard, but rather the Advanced Process Monitoring since disabling the option "Use advanced process monitoring" makes things work again properly. Might be the programs are trying to make some sort of a check which the advanced proecess monitoring does not like. Weird thing about this is that my other computer is fine, my other isn't. They're both having automatic updates on, so might be one of them haven't updated and the other has. Both are laptops, the one not working has Vista 32-bit, the other has Windows 7.


Hopefully you (Or Microsoft) come up with a fix eventually.


Re: F-Secure 2012 Deepguard blocking MS programs



As requested I have sent a fsdiag file to support. Hope you can get us a fix soon!


Re: F-Secure 2012 Deepguard blocking MS programs

Exactly the same problem here.

All office products show on startup an license error.
But there is no license error.
Windows Live Messenger crashs on startup by a app-crash.


Please fix it...