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Registered: ‎15-10-2012

Can't install F-Secure Internet Security 2012 - Zonealarm toolbar is "installed"

I get attached error message when I try to install. F-Secure can't continue because there's a conflict with Zonealarm Toolbar. The thing is that I don't have it installed as far as I know. I even downloaded Zonealarm toolbar and uninstalled it but didn't work. There's no post in add/remove programs. My guess is the registry is wrong or the toolbar is bundled with some other program but I can't figure it out.


Help! Thanks.




F-Secure Product Expert
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Re: Can't install F-Secure Internet Security 2012 - Zonealarm toolbar is "installed"

Hi Mantric,


We can help you if you provide us fsdiag file, so we can check that from the logs.


For instructions, see Creating an FSDiag file .


Send the FSDiag file to F-Secure support by submitting a support request


Best Regards,


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