Bank protection no longer showing.


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Well, I've followed that tree as far as the install rdf bit but it won't open that file so I don't get any chance to change anything.  I ceratinly don't see anything like <em:homepageURL> anywhere. Am I doing something wrong?


You have to move the original file to your Desktop, then open in Wordpad / Notepad, edit and save.  Then copy the new file back to the original directory, overwriting the old one.


Re: Bank protection no longer showing.

I do also agree that a major factor here is that the F-Secure product had not automatically updated to a newer version, thus causing users to be running an old version of Online Safety.  We shouldn't really have to manually update by logging into SAFE and reinstalling the product - who would usually ever think to do that?


Re: Bank protection no longer showing.



Yes, but you have modern operation system and modern browser. Why you choose another browser?!


Modern Microsoft Windows have enought features to be protected without any other software.

Modern Internet Explorer probably - best. And it's include protection level.


All troubles around Windows/Interent Explorer (here I mean any zero-days troubles and other vulnerability) comes here... just because it's most popular and most used things. For malware authors.. not interesting create/learn something.. if it's not popular. And here already... most nice - that Microsoft create any "patches" some kind of "fast";


You can use Microsoft Windows (modern one), Internet Explorer, Windows firewall, Windows Defender and create here advanced-layer - EMET.


And you some kind of protected.... and it's better, than something another - if you don't use any not-free protection-software.



So, about other part - it's of course "no question". All protection-software companies (but all other too; Firefox also want money.. and get that a lot) want money.


Here just one different all of them:


 - Someone of that protection-software companies.... indeed create a lot for protection their users.

 - Someone... just "something do" - but it's indeed. not enough.



F-Secure do that nice and when you give money for their programs - you receive high-quality software without points, which you will be with any other software.... regulary. Like BSODs, crashes, broken your system, not enough protection-level or other.


F-Secure just have one "trouble" (which can not be "trouble" in all meanings) - they create high-quality-skilled software and that required a lot of things, which they do....

But that will create a situation, when little "points" can be missing for F-Secure people. And how they can do fix something (or change, or add) - if thay miss that? They will be found that.... but commonly speed-way for that....  user's feedback.

If you do that - you already want to say "They just take my money - and nothing to do";


Anyway... I not see on current situation... your position.


Just because - I'm sure... that current versions of F-Secure (which can be in internal tests) already and long-time without any troubles with new version of Firefox.  And here all up-to-date.


What about stable-versions, which I can to use....   here have troubles with modern version of Firefox. But maybe it's already fixed - I will try to check it today.


Anyway... when Google Chrome with new update... goes to crash my system (totally BSOD) - I not sure.. that it's can be trouble in Windows Microsoft developers-team....

Just because it's another software... not default... and that software should be created without any conflicted with "most important" part of system.


When Firefox create functionality about addons/plugins - their should be do that without any troubles for any "addon/plugins"-makers.

If there.... F-Secure create a mistake - it's already without "no questions" - and F-Secure should it fix....  but probably already fixed... but not tested enought for "be sure" about "all OK". And here different between.. high-quality software.. and software, which just goes to production for users... :)



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Thank you for that long reply, Ukko. 

It must be a headache for all computer software people trying to keep up with those other people who want to spoil everything. It is such a shame that we have to have all this security in the first place.   I am lucky that, as far as I know, I have not had any trouble but I have been using Firefox for a long time.  It was said to be safer because those trouble makers did not attack it so much.  Maybe if Internet Explorer is getting more secure then they will turn their attention to Firefox.  I will be staying with F-Secure unitl November when I will be asked to pay directly.  Then I will have to decide.

Thanks again.


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It may be that I have been in the IT industry for too long (30yrs) but I am seriously confused with this 'short' URL.

My install.rdf has the following line




What does it need to be 'shortened'  to. (and then what steps have to be followed  e.g start re-installation etc.)


After hours of re-installing etc. I am now in the position of

Firefox v 29.01

F-Secure 2.06 build 303


and still no joy.


Is it all possible for sumone to summarise and put together an step-by-step, idiots guide to getting this sorted.


Apologies for being an ignoramus


Re: Bank protection no longer showing.

Sorry warparound cut url short in previous mail




what does it need to be 'shortened ' to


many thanks


Re: Bank protection no longer showing.

I don't really get it either, but I just set mine to and it worked fine.

One thing I noticed was that the Home page didn't appear in the add on details, until I'd changed it. Not sure what that indicates, but maybe even just changing or resetting the Home page in the browser settings might work? I haven't tried that myself, so if anyone does, could you let us know?
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Re: Bank protection no longer showing.



Please try these steps to fix the Online Safety extension disabled issue on Firefox 29.x.
- Enter about:config into the address bar.
- Find key extensions.strictCompatibility.
- If the state of this key is true, double-click on the entry to change the setting to False.
- Restart Firefox.


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Re: Bank protection no longer showing.

extensions.strictCompatibility. already set to false.


Changed it to true, rebooted.

Then changed it back to false, rebooted, Fsecure - re-install extensions, reboot


Still no joy.


Online safety is incompatible with Firefox 29.0.1

Onlie Safety 2.107.248 (disabled)


Re: Bank protection no longer showing.

Did the home page thing not work either?