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    I'd suggest that instead of using this forum that you utilize github's feature voting (or similiar) so that you can truely gauge the level of interest in various enhancements. As it is for the forum, there is not a good way to sense the level of interest regardingwhat the community of users really wants.


    Then, I would also suggest that you provide visibility on how new features are currently scheduled into upcoming releases. 

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    Option to block certanin TLDs on router.

    Like *.tk and other.

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    I'd like the ability to use vlan with sense.


    I have ubiquiti edgerouter lite and have set up different vlans for my internal network, guest network and home automation network with firewall rules for them. Id like to be able to have sense sharing different wifi names for different vlans. Now I can only use sense inside the internal network as a second router there for my windows/android etc devices.

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    I like to see logging services (fi Syslog) of what’s being blocked by the Sense (websites, programs, tracking etc.). Now it’s a black box, especially on tracking blocking events.

    To judge the value of the Sense open reporting should be a requirement.



    Sense is based on closed ddwrt so if the Sense's hardware is right, then vlans are possible.

    Although since this is a home product which meant to have a dumbed down configuration or that's how it seems, I highly doubt that they will implement vlans.

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    -ability to set up static dhcp addresses to devices(MAC based)  from SENSE subnet pool(all management platforms)

  • Since the feature request list is 4 pages long and people are already requesting the same features that someone has already mentioned before, I decided to copy all of them to a single post.


    I also tried to think which of the features might come in the future or which have already been confirmed.
    Also tried to list which features probably won't ever be implement on the Sense and which will never to be implemented.
    And these of course apply only to the current version of Sense device and everything that is not confirmed/implemented is mostly my speculation.

    Feel free to comment if you think something is in the wrong place.


    All features requests in one post:


    - Whitelisting for webpages (only on iOS)
    - Port Forwarding (only on iOS)


    Confirmed to be implemented:
    - Anonymous surfing with VPN / Freedome integrated
    - Possibility to schedule firmware updates(router,security) to nonactive hours
    - Software for OS X
    - Guest wifi
    - Controlling and configuration from multiple devices
    - Advanced parental controls
    - IoT device reputation based protection
    - PPPoE support

    Confirmed as might be implemented:
    - Controlling devices from Sense app on Sense network without accessing Sense's wifi (remote access)
    - VPN access, accessing devices from internet
    - Option to turn off of certain wifi 2.4/5ghz
    - USB Sharing, for example sharing external hard drive or printer by pluggin it into Sense's usb port
    - Temperature on the Sense display
    - Other useful information on the Sense display

    Might be implemented:
    - Option to gracefully shutdown and restart the Sense compared to now when you just unplug power cord from it/or from the wall
    - More icons and device templates: Linux and RaspberryPi
    - Event log should collate events under one mac -address/device.
    - IPv6 support
    - Whitelisting for trackers
    - Data usage per device counter
    - Used ports per device
    - Statistics for bandwidth and port usage
    - Ability to assign fixed IPs from DHCP pool
    - Controlling security features per device, example option to disable tracking protection for just one device
    - Backup/restore facility for settings of wifi-router configs or/and import/export device names
    - AP Isolation
    - Wake on Lan feature for registered devices
    - More transparent status of the security features(?)
    - Not allowing colliding subnets on Wan and Lan interfaces (simple configuration checking)
    - DMZ
    - Dynamic DNS support
    - Option to allocate dynamically dns local names(sense dns suffix) to devices discovered by sense and option to add/edit them manually afterwards
    - QoS, possibility to give priority to some devices/applications
    - Notification on new device discovered on the network
    - Force firmware update by app
    - Option to change wifi channels manually.
    - Option to set Sense clock to 24 hours or 12 hours

    Probably won't ever be implemented:
    - MDM features for managing all your homes mobile devices.
    - Remote logging/Syslog
    - Multiple VLANs
    - Multiple VLANs for different wifi
    - Option to have totally different wlan names for 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
    - Wifi scheduling

    - Chromecast support for sense setup/admin program


    Never going to be implemented:
    - WPS
    - Web admin view for sense wifi-router without restricting it to android or iOS-devices
    - Option to block certanin TLDs on router, for example *.ru

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    Thanks @FormerMember for going through all this effort, it must have taken quite a bit of time to collate. We'll have some discussion internally on how to make maintaining and participating in this wishlist more convenient for everyone.


    From the wishlist, we do have IPv6 support natively on the SENSE router but the configuration options for IPv6 addressing are not available for users at the moment.


    - Simo / SENSE QA Lead

  • D-Fens2
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    - ability to see if a device uses 2.4 GHz oder 5 GHz network, and the speed of the connection

  • - Option to clear /delete the blocked threats page events.

  • JOnes
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    -security firmware: configurable device autoblock internet facility after discovered threat event

    -ability to send  those discovered threat events automagically to lab for analysis

  • KennethN
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    -Show in app if the unit is connected over wifi or lan

    -Reboot router from app

  • JOnes
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    -ability to utilize 5Ghz Wifi channels 52 56 60 64

  • - Option to setup at least 2 DNS servers.

  • JOnes
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    -Security router "uptime" in hardware menu

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    Hi, thanks for a great product and for having a place to submit feature requests. Here is my wishlist:


    1) Bridge mode with security still enabled:

    I have an actual firewall between Sense router and the Internet, and I would like to see the IP addresses of the clients on the firewall logs. Would help troubleshooting a lot. Now all I see is one IP, which is the Sense router.


    2) VLAN tagging:

    I would love to separate my Raspberry Pis to one VLAN, TV and home automation to another, maybe kids computers to one VLAN and work related devices to yet another VLAN. And while you are at it, the guest SSID + a separate VLAN tag would also be great. 

    - I know guest access has been promised as an upcoming feature.

    - Btw, did you know that Apple Time Capsule guest VLAN is done with VLAN tagging (ID: 1003). Unfortunately they only support this one VLAN tag and it's unconfigurable. But it works.


    3) Access lists and routing:

    I would like to access devices behind my Sense router from another segment. I.e. I'd like to route network B with Sense router as the next hop and access devices in network B from network A. Port forwarding is almost good enough, but not quite :)


    4) Internet status log:

    I have intermittent connection to the internet. It would be great to see from Sense when the internet connection went down and when it came back up. Right now I have this logged on a wireless Raspberry Pi script, but it's prone to Wi-Fi interference thus not giving me a 100% accurate result.

    - And of course a way to export this data


    5) API access:

    A way to access (read) all the great data you already have now and in the future on the Sense router so I can integrate this data to my own projects via API.

    - And maybe a write-access as well, to automate stuff?

  • - Static routing configuration

    Would be really beneficial for multiple router setups like usually there is with sense.

  • _UrsusCatulus_
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    Sorry if this is already somewhere and I am just to imept to find it.

    Would be nice if there was an replacement for the SAFE app for Android (and iOS) on the SENSE router.

    Just noticed that when my SAFE subscription expired I was "without" antivirus on Android, and I could only find app for Win and Mac when connecting to "http:\\sense.router" from the mobile phone.

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    @_UrsusCatulus_ wrote:

    Sorry if this is already somewhere and I am just to imept to find it.

    Would be nice if there was an replacement for the SAFE app for Android (and iOS) on the SENSE router.

    Just noticed that when my SAFE subscription expired I was "without" antivirus on Android, and I could only find app for Win and Mac when connecting to "http:\\sense.router" from the mobile phone.

    Maybe such things indeed useful udner "sense.router"-page, but if you indeed with troublestuck about installing SENSE app for Android:

    where available URLs for Playmarket/AppStore;


    Thanks and sorry for my reply.

  • _UrsusCatulus_
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    I am using the SENSE app to control the router, but I miss the scanning of downloaded apps and the option to do a scan for malisious apps and other "rootkits" etc. that the SAFE app could.

  • Sense app replaces Safe app on Windows pc, mac os and android devices. It scans and acts like Safe would.

    These questions would be better asked under different topic, since these features has been there from the start (except macos support).

  • KennethN
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    I would like to remove a device from the device list.

    (If I had a visitor, or something, remove the device from the "not connected list")

  • _UrsusCatulus_
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    Some things I would like to see in Port Forwarding setings 


    Ability to add port range in port forwarding

    And Ability to use .local address instead of IP (but this is not that important), an dropdown selection of connected devices would be nice thou.

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    It is absolutely essential that you provide a way to backup the SENSE app's settings so you can restore them when you get a new phone.  As it is right now, when you get a new phone, you have to RESET THE ROUTER and you lose all of your settings... all of your customized device names, all of your customized device icons.  It is ridiculous.  I spent almost three hours today setting everything back up when I got a new phone because I have over 40 devices, 30+ active at any time, and many don't report what they are to the SENSE app clearly.


    Please, even if you can provide a way to export a list of MAC addresses, the custom name, and the custom icon so you can import them back into the new phone's app and restore them all... that would have saved me 2+ hours alone.

  • - Option to set timeservers, at least 2.

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