Suggestion : Browser addon for x64 browsers

Newer versions of some security solutions I've also tried (Bitdefender, Avast and -I think it was- Kaspersky) have their browser addon also available for x64 Internet Explorer.  Since I'm mostly using IE 9 x64 for browsing, any chance F-secure will release x64 compatible browser addons?



  • oldsowoldsow Posts: 7

    I would also like to see a browser toolbar addon for the x64 Browsers. IE and Firefox. IE x64 has been out for a long time, and now Firefox has an x64 version called Nightly. Everthing is there except my FSIS 2012 Browser Protection Bar. Personally I don't use IE, but Firefox for me. Can we please get and update to add this feature on the X64 Browser versions.



  • Sami_VistiSami_Visti Posts: 56 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi np1,


    Thanks for your idea. This is something that we are considering as part of our upcoming releases.




  • Sami_VistiSami_Visti Posts: 56 Former F-Secure Employee
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