Difference between Mobile Security and SAFE on Android?



I noticed on Google Play that you offer both Mobile Security and SAFE, and they both seem to be very similar in comparison.


My understanding is that if you use a SAFE or Total subscription to install the SAFE version, and for users who just want to use Mobile Security on their Android to install the Mobile Security version.


Is this correct? What are the differences between the two apps other than the subscription type?

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    Sorry for my reply.


    I think that main difference between F-Secure SAFE and solutions like F-Secure Mobile for Android (or F-Secure Internet Security for Windows desktops) is "subscription type" and some management-features.

    If you want to cover more than one device - most likely reasonable to use F-Secure SAFE (license-subscription which allow to install F-Secure's solutions for each supported platform: F-Secure IS for desktops, F-Secure Mobile Security for android, F-Secure SAFE Browsers/Additional features for Windows Phone/iOS probably).


    If just one - maybe indeed there possible to use F-Secure Mobile Security.

    But it possible that some features can be missing or re-placing with certain solution.


    Also... I do not find proper price about F-Secure Mobile Security. And page from F-Secure website with URL to Google PlayStore redirected to F-Secure SAFE.


    I think that maybe current F-Secure Mobile Security under the Google Play can be also about "Business" solutions.

    Like if you able to install F-Secure Mobile Security (trial-time) - than you able to upgrade it to F-Secure Mobile Security for Business;


    Or maybe you able to use as your "home users"-solution also (with such setting - I think it should be practically as F-Secure SAFE installation for Android platform).



    Sorry for my reply - will be interesting to read proper response from F-Secure team about your ask (and it was just my suggestions).






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    Hi @planet


    The reply from @Ukko is correct.


    Before we introduced Safe, we had Internet Security for PC users and Mobile Security for Android. You can still find these programs, since we still have customers with active subscriptions for them, but we recommend all new users to sign up for Safe.

    Mobile Security is in some cases also available as a corporate program.

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