Is F-Secure SAFE alone enough ?

Another post recently raised the point of F-Secure Safe conflicting with installation of Malwarebytes.

Does this indicate that FSS requires the addition of an Anti-Malware programme to really make it safe ?

I have run a few different Internet Security suites to provide cover for online banking in particular but never considered adding further protection.  Do I need to do this ?

Much appreciate advices, thanks.

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    I think it just indicates that some people like to have a secondary product to act as an "extra layer" of security.  Any security product may occasionally find something that another one doesn't, but whether that warrants having two products installed is, in my opinion, down to the individual user.  I do have MWB installed, at the moment, but to be honest, the only things it ever found were a couple of fairly innocuous PUPs, which were embedded in an old installation folder for a program I ditched years ago.  If the current compatibility issues between the new version of MWB and F-Secure aren't resolved, and I had to make a choice between the two, I'd choose FS any day.  


    I guess, if you've always survived using just one product, and have never run into trouble, there's no real reason to change, assuming you are a fairly sensible 'safe' surfer, and aren't in the habit of visiting dubious websites or opening iffy email attachments.  Smiley Wink


    This is just a reflection of my own views and experience, and does not represent the opinions of F-Secure, who may have different advice on this subject.


  • redvetredvet Posts: 38

    Thanks for the useful response Simon. I am probably returning to FS when the Emisoft trial I have running expires.

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,584

    Out of curiosity, how did you find Emsisoft?

  • redvetredvet Posts: 38

    I am no expert so not sure I can offer enough information.  As you probably have guessed my main concern for cover has been for online banking and with Emisoft it was the first time I have departed from the visual 'bank safe addition' as provided by FSS, KIS, Bitdefender etc.  I am having absolutely no problem with Emisoft, its light on my system and I have received super advice  about browser and add-ons from Emisoft. If I don't continue after the trial it will only be to have the bank safe back again, though many posts elsewhere say it is just a cosmetic thing.

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,584

    I believe they do a stand-alone anti-malware product, as well as the full Internet Security Suite, so I was wondering if the anti malware product would run alongside F-Secure as a possible replacement for Malwarebytes, should the current conflict issues not be resolved soon.


    Has anyone else tried this combination?

  • redvetredvet Posts: 38

    They also have Emisoft Emergency Malware Kit 12 free.

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