F-Secure SAFE for Mac scored very bad results on AV-TEST

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    Hi s_rosenthaler,


    I brought this to the attention of our FSAV for Mac team. Please find their statement below:


    Apparently in the previous tests of AV-Test, they had used a beta version of our product which had ORSP engine enabled in on-demand scanning by default. However, the production version has ORSP disabled by default for on-demand scanning, and therefore many of the samples were not detected. ORSP is still on by default when on-access scanning happens, but unfortunately in the AV-TEST (and many other tests too) they simply run the command line scanner on a collection of sample files.


  • Is there a statement?

  • Was this issue related to AV-Test and AV-Comparatives because this was not at all mentioned in their test report. Normally when they publish the results they do mention specific issues like this if any?

    I am new to F-Secure, but can you tell me more about this OSRP engine?


  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,428

    You can know more about ORSP as mentioned in this Community post, @Pankaj1.

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