QuadRoot Android protection?

I just read about the Qualcomm vulnerability in c. 900m Android phones with 4 seperate ways for hackers to gain total access. Apparently patches are slow to come through and my phone is vulnerable, according to the Quadroot scanner app by CheckPoint. 


Does F Secure protect against Quadroot?




Android 5.1.1

Kernal 3.10.49

Vodafone Smart ultra 6 (ZTE?)


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    Hi andrewfd,


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    The vulnerabilities discovered by CheckPoint are on the phone chipset itself which F-Secure does not protect against. However our malware analyst team is already on the lookout for malicious samples which tries to use these vulnerabilities to gain access to a device. Detection will be made available to these malicious apps (when found) to protect our users. At the moment, we have not seen any samples in the wild exploiting these vulnearbilities.


    As this is a hardware related vulnerabilities, we would strongly suggest you to patch immediately when your device manufacturer has released one. In the meantime, we strongly advice users to only download apps from the official Google Play Store and not anywhere else. This would minimze the risk of downloading malicious app as Google performs stringent checks for all apps uploaded to Play Store.


    We hope that this answers your concern. If you have further questions, please do post a reply and I will gladly assist you.



    Calvin Gan

    F-Secure Security Vulnerability Expert

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