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I have a license that is expiring today. What protection am I offered until I apply the renewal key. Will my laptop have no security and be at 100% risk???




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    I have been asked to remove my reply by F-Secure as it was 'incorrect'.  Hopefully they will therefore provide you with the correct answer.

  • Thanks Simon for your activity!


    So, after the license expiration (assuming you are having PC client), one can basically only update the license. So at the other words: your computer is no longer protected.

  • thank you for your responses guys. I was under the impression the kernel continued to run but wouldn't update any new virus signatures. So the product stops completely 100%??

  • To be precise you still get the updates, but real time and manual scanning are disabled. So your computer is no longer protected until new license is bought.

  • thank you very much.

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