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Hi, I haave been trying to contact online chat, but only receive a blank page. I am using MS Edge. Anyone knows if the online chat is funcioning?


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    Hi lasserik,


    The chat support works fine if connecting through the MS Edge browser. Could you try to close your browser and retry opening again? Please try connecting again in the timings here: Global English: Mon-Fri 6-16 (GMT)

  • 1.   english time sunday 20:30 your site has the message "now you can chat". Why do I have to ask a question on the community to know the opening hours??

    2. I have problems with my eyes so I have WIN10  display adjusted to "high contrast and more" and your site is not the minimum adapted (with edge above all) for people with eyeproblem. And as it takes 20 or more minut for your chatt-staff to answer I got a completly white screen. As a person with impaired sight, UNFORTUANETLY I have to have all browsers availabIe, first I used Firefox and I could see the message "connecting...". After 20 minutes I got a nice person to chat with, but he couldn´t solve the simple problem. So I have four computers without protection. Maybe that is not important for you?

  • Sorry , my "Hi Laksh" dissapeared
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    Hi lasserik,


    Sorry to hear about your issue. However, after checking on our side, I found you do have a support request open regarding your issue. I have highlighted your post to our agents so that they can check and respond back to you.

  • Hi Laksh,

    Thank you for helping to get in contact with the technical support. I hope you saw the date the was opened: 15 of November!!!! Is it only me waiting half a month and still waiting, to have a simple problem solved. To move a license from one account to another, cannot be difficult. Or send me a temporary license meanwhile.

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