Beta ended. I have a code. BUT THERE IS NO PLACE TO ENTER IT!!!! help!

The freedome beta on my mac ended. I purchsed a code.


I read in the email receipt when buying the code that I shall enter it on the subscription page of the program. THIS DOES NOT WORK or is not usabiltiy-tested.

Because all there is is a large button "subscribe now" that takes me to a website.


WHere can I enter the code!

I need to start using Freedome ASAP.


Mayny thanks for heöp for this avoidable problem caused by F-Secure.

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  • BenBen Posts: 2,640 F-Secure Product Expert
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    Hello Macadellic,


    Could you try to remove the beta version  and proceed to install the latest version ?

    In order to make sure all traces of the Beta version are gone, please proceed to uninstall as follows:

    -Remove Freedome from /Applications. 

    - Delete the folders "/Library/Application Support/F-Secure/FSFreedome" and "~/Library/Application Support/F-Secure/FSFreedome" 

    -Remove "Your F-Secure Freedome Key" from your login keychain (it's in Passwords category).

    -Reinstall the latest version available here.


  • macadelicmacadelic Posts: 16

    Hello and many thanks. That worked. Who would have guessed there is no automatic update / new version alert... (like everywhere else). That made it difficult for me.

    You can help others by updating the email copy in the email one receives after purchase "Make sure you run the latest version, we donÄt provide automatic updates" or something similar.


    Many thanks again, feels good to be protected again.

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