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I had a problem with a virus last week and was advised to use Malwarebytes and found a virus with it.  I am worried about running two malware programs at the same time.  I have F Secure Internet Security including firewall.  Will there be any conflict if I also run Malwarebytes.  This is very important to me, please help


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    Short answer: No conflict :)


    Longer explanation:

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is meant to run along side another traditional Anti-Virus product like F-Secure, and is not intended to be the only product with real-time scanning(sometimes called on-access scanning). That's because Malwarebytes don't target certain malware like older viruses. It has more focus on new threats and also what's known as PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs, that are not necessarily malicious but unwanted. Malwarebytes is very good in detecting PUPs.


    Only the Premium(paid) version has real-time scan which means it checks all programs and files that is running, like your F-Secure product does. Premium also has Malicious Website Protection similar to F-Secure's Browsing Protection. Again no conflict between the two. The free version is "only" an on-demand scanner meaning you only run it when you want to scan something. On-demand scanners in general usually don't cause conflicts.

    I've been using Premium together with F-Secure for several years!


    You should never have two "anti-virus" products installed at the same time. But Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an exception to that rule as it's not a traditional "anti-virus" program. That's probably one of the reasons they named it Anti-Malware instead of Anti-Virus.



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    NikK summed it up pretty well!

    I've been using F-Secure and Malwarebytes free version for quite some time. Great duo.
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