Mobile Security went black after update



I have F-secure Mobile Security on my tablet, Lenovo S6000H, with Android 4.2.2. Yesterday I updated

the Mobile Security from Google Play, but after that when I try to access the Mobile Security program

it just shows a black screen. Safe browser still starts but I can't use internet with it, other browsers work fine.


Can I reinstall the Mobile Security myself?



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  • BayaniBayani Posts: 58
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    Hi moreeni,


    A reinstall is the first thing I would try in this case. You can uninstall Mobile Security from the application list on your tablet, then go to Google Play to reinstall the software again. Please keep in mind to have your license key available if you got one.


  • moreenimoreeni Posts: 2

    Thanks, I managed to uninstall F-secure and reinstall went fine.


    Application list didn't let me uninstall F-secure right away, I had to change a setting first..


    Settings - Security - Device administrators - And then unchecked the box on F-secure program.


    But now everything works. :)



  • BayaniBayani Posts: 58

    That's good to hear. Feel free to contact us again if you need further help!

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