zip-tiedoston tarkistus, kun se sisältää toisen salasanasuojatun zip-tiedoston ?

Pystyykö F-Securen ohjelmistot tarkistamaan tuollaisen tiedoston tai varoittamaan puutteellisesta tarkistusksesta ?

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    The Password protected Zip-file may not be able to be scanned. On the other hand it is like @Simon says that the files are scanned when opened and blocked if found malicious. Files that are contained in a compressed file cant do any harm until they are decompressed and released in the system. 


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  • How does F-secure check a zip-file containing another password-protected zip-file ?

    Does F-secure warn user if it can't check the file ?

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    Someone will correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I think it would only tell you that it hadn't scanned the file if you do a manual full or 'target' (right click) scan, then read the report.

    If the zipped file contained anything malicious, FS should alert you as soon as the file is opened.
  • All popular (including F-secure) antivirus-programs tell that the (original) zip-file is OK. None tells nothing about the contained password-protected zip-file. So, after unzipping the original zip-file user will have an unchecked zip-file in his machine and anything can happen. This is  practically equal to an unchecked crypted file.

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