Uninstalling Anti-Virus for MAC getting error in script


Running uninstall program that was installed with the latest version of Antivirus for MAC and get the following error:


Error in uninstall script: The command terminated due to receipt of a signal. Error number: 1009


What do I do now?






  • Simon
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    This may be of no use whatsoever, but is the uninstall script you're using the same one as in this KB article?


    There's also a Readme there which may give more info, but not being a Mac user, it would mean nothing to me.
  • evfrson
    evfrson Posts: 9

    There is an uninstall program supplied with Antivirus for MAC which I am using.

    I guess it is just a simple program that calls a script. I can't see the script so I don't know if it is the same as the one you mentioned.

    I don't want to run the script in the link you highlighted because it may not be up to date and cause more problems.


  • Rainmaker



    I joined the forum to reply to you, as I had the exact same issue on my F-Secure SAFE Mac Antivirus. I was getting error 1009 when running the installer. I followed the help file which suggested opening Terminal and entering 'sudo 

    /usr/local/f-secure/uninstall_Macprotection', but that returned 'command not found'. 


    You need to go to this thread and download the Mac removal script. Don't click the link (else it'll just load the text in your browser), but rather right click and Save As... I suggest your Downloads folder for simplicity. 


    Next open Terminal (either from Spotlight search or via your Applications > Utilities folder). Type in the following, one line at a time and pressing enter between each line so the commands are run:


    cd Downloads

    chmod +x uninstall_Macprotection

    sudo ./uninstall_Macprotection


    You should then see the following output:



    LaunchAgents unloaded

    GUI killed

    LaunchDaemons unloaded

    Removing in /Applications

    Removing daemons and command line tools

    Removing driver

    Removing customizations

    Removing receipts


    Uninstallation complete.


    It worked fine for me (2012 MacBook Pro running Mavericks), and should be fine for you, too. I'm going to stick with Sophos until silly bugs like this are wokred out and the F-Secure GUI isn't so dumbed down. Good luck. :)

  • evfrson
    evfrson Posts: 9

    Thanks for your help!

    Just done it and all completed with no errors.

    Agree with what you say about Sophos Smiley LOL

  • Rob123
    Rob123 Posts: 1

    During uninstall command (sudo /usr/local/f-secure/bin/uninstall_MacProtection) I get error: Rob (my username) is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported


    I am loggod on as admin


    Pls. advice


    Sorry, never mind

    It seems I wasn't logon ad admin, rebooted and now uninstall works

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