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Hi i ve lost my S4 and i sent an sms with locate and the code but i dont know if the code is the right one. Is it the one I use to enter f secure app or another one ?
And when i send a msg like the lock one does it show me that its locked ?

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    This is from Mobile Security for Android:


    1.3 Configuring the product

    You need to configure the product features before you can use it.

    Follow these instructions to take Anti-Theft, Parental control and Safe contacts features into use:

    1. Enter new security code and verify it to make sure you entered it properly.

    Note: To change the security code later, open Settings > General settings and select Set security


    You need the security code to use remote Anti-Theft features and to use Parental control.

    2. The product requires rights to administer your device. To activate the device administrator, press Activate.

    3. If you have not set the screen lock for your device, you need to do so before you can continue.

    For more information, consult the documentation that came with your device.

    4. Enter the trusted phone number.

    The trusted phone number receives alerts when the SIM card is changed in your device.

    5. Select the age group of the user of the device to configure the Parental Control.

    After you have configured Anti-Theft and Parental Control, the product is turned on.



    2.1.3 Locating your device

    You can send an SMS message to your lost device to locate it.

    Note: Make sure that you have turned on GPS in your device to receive the location information.

    Follow these instructions to locate your device:

    To locate the device, send the following SMS message to your device:#LOCATE#<security code>

    (For example: #LOCATE#12345678)

    Anti-Theft replies with an SMS message that contains the latest location of the device.

    Tip: Send the locate message to your device after you have set it up to make sure that it works


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