Virgin Licence expired

I have installed successfully on 3 devices as a Virgin customer but have received 'Licence Expired' desktop display warnings on each device. What should I do to ensure I do have F-Secure as I have over 340 days remaining through Virgin?

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  • NikKNikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

    If you log in to  What expire date does it show?


    If you right-click the F-Secure icon in the Windows systray and select "View my subscriptions", what does it show?

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  • RoyDRoyD Posts: 3

    Hi NikK. With the former I have 319 days whilst the systray one says licence expired. Roy

  • NikKNikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

    Ok. In SAFE, how many licenses does it say you have, and how many does it say you are using? Verify that you have 3 devices in the list "Your Devices".


    Answer the above question and then submit a support request and explain your situation. You could include a link to this thread as well.


    To F-Secure

    This could be similar to another issue where the product kept asking for a subscription key after installing through SAFE. Installations through SAFE should not ask for a subscription key. No update from the user about any progress unfortunately.


    What should "View my subscriptions" show when installed through SAFE? (I don't have a Windows installation through SAFE so I can't check)

  • RoyDRoyD Posts: 3

    I have 3 devices set up from the 5 permissable licences.

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