Online Safety Statistics - how does website count work?

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I installed FS 2014 about 1 month ago after first running uninstall tool, so new clean statistics only for the latest month. I search the Internet a lot but I doubt I've visited 5594 web sites in just 4 weeks. It sounds almost impossible.
If I visit a site and that site uses javascript and iframes etc pointing to different sites, how many new visited web sites will show up in statistics? If I try this, the count doesn't increase. Maybe there's some kind of delay?


Blocked web sites

I have 5 blocked web sites. I only recall 1 message about a blocked harmful website.
Under what circumstances does Online Safety block a website and NOT give a message about it? My guess is sites accessed through javascript, iframes and similar. But this is just a guess.




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    Past threads here; 





    Relevant quote; [sling, from F-Secure]; To answer your doubts on the web site counter, for different web browsers, every http request to 1 webpage might generate different counts because different browsers might be sending other http requests (such as browsers or plugins checking for updates, etc) than to the website that you want to browse to.


    Overall it looks like the count is not just adding up the number of sites entered in the URL-field and it is browser dependent. Looks like another amended knowledge base article coming up!

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    Apparently, I've visited 405 websites just this morning.  I've actually visited 6, including this one.

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    My count just went from 29(new install) to over 235 in a 30 minute online session! (using Chrome).!!  Smiley Surprised

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    Just a thought, but I wonder if it's scanning all Bookmarks / Favourites?

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    After reading the other threads(thanks @Blackcat) it seems that the website count includes all connections made by the browser including ads, scripts, iframes etc. I think this is a good thing. But you might as well skip checking the statistics since it can get confusing.

    Note: My count didn't increase until I closed IE.


    Regarding the FS message of harmful site, it seems that this is only working in Firefox and IE where the Online Safety extension is installed. And my conclusion is that you only get this message if the URL in the browser address field is a harmul site. NOT if an ad, script, iframe etc in that page is pointing to another site that is harmful.

    Do you agree?

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    some good conclusions there (can a F-Secure mod. confirm?).


    Agree that in the present format the Online Safety Statistics count is confusing.


    Maybe a knowledge base article needs to be made about this count or I would ditch it all together in the present format and only note harmful/blocked sites.

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    Could an expert please confirm if my conclusions are correct? Mostly about the harmful site message

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    Hi NikK,


    Online Safety works with Google Chrome as well. And yes, the Online Safety detects malicious site based on the URL, for malicious content in the web, such as Ads, script, iframe etc in that page will be detect and handle by other engines in the F-Secure software.


    Best regards,



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    It is still confusing, IMHO to the average user, particularly when there is no sticky/knowledge base article on what the count actually means. 

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    Hi Blackcat!


    I admit, I must agree!  I will recommend this to become a KB article :)


    // Chrissy

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