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Is there a way to install the Browsing Protection Toolbar on Firefox 6 and if so how is this done? Thank you.


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    What F-secure product are you using?



  • F-Secure Internet Security Suite version 9.01 Build 105.

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    Are you sure this is F-Secure Internet Security?

    And not a Version provided by an ISP?


    105 is a pretty old build.


    Please update from here first:




  • Hello, Matthias.


    Yes, this "is" F-Secure's Security Suite provided by my ISP (Charter). According to them it is a current version of the security suite. In fact, I asked this question in F-Secure's Facebook about a week ago. So... am I "allowed" to download and install the link to which you refer me?


    Here's a bit more information on my version:


    Charter Security Suite 9.01 build 105

    F-Secure Anti-Virus 9.10 build 15261
    F-Secure Automatic Update Agent 8.25 build 3737
    F-Secure User Interface 9.01 build 5078
    F-Secure Management Agent 8.10 build 30088
    F-Secure Parental Control 8.40 build 15270
    F-Secure E-mail filtering 1.02 build 7380
    F-Secure Network connections 6.24 build 103
    F-Secure Email Scanner 6.00 build 432
    F-Secure DeepGuard 2.20 build 146
    F-Secure Online Help 2.00 build 1450
    F-Secure Sidebar Gadget 1.00 build 192
    F-Secure Service News 1.00 build 140
    F-Secure Browsing Protection/SW 1.10 build 5627
    F-Secure Browsing Protection/ES 1.10 build 1039

    There's quite a bit more but the above seems to be the most relevant.


    Thanks for any insight you can give to me on this issue.

  • Ah! Now I discover an older F-Secure forum (April 2010) in which users complained of this build slowing down their browsing. It would appear that my ISP has provided me with an OLD version of this security suite! NIce. I guess the only real option I have is to uninstall it and to go with some other protection. It's hard to believe that my ISP would do this.

  • Before I unload this older version of F-Secure and go with some other program, is it legal or ethical to install the update you have provided via the link? I'll abide by what you tell me.

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    Charter Security is a spin-off of F-Secure Internet Security with more or less the same features. It is only supported by Charter.


    9.01 should be fine if it receives all the updates. Did all the updates install propperly or do you have some failed ones?

    The browsing protection has been updated several times and is currently matter if discussion in this forum.


    Switching to IS2011 is not possible with that keycode. But if you want to give IS a try, then register for the IS beta-program

    and get IS2012. If you encounter a similar problem you can submit a bug report directly to F-Secure.


    Still a fresh reinstall might also fix problems. Use to uninstall first.



  • I want to thank you for all the help you've been. I contacted Charter and was told by the technician that he was unable to answer my questions and that he suggested I contact their business office. Needless to say, I decided that this would be a dead-end. That being the case, I've taken the steps to remove the Charter branded F-Secure Security Suite from my system. I don't need an older system (even though it has recent virus updates) to protect my system. Instead, I've removed it entirely, re-activated the Windows 7 firewall and downloaded and installed Microsoft's Security Essentials. That said, I'm still appreciative of the assistance offered on this forum. Perhaps next year I'll give F-Secure (not Charter's branded version) another look.


    As an aside: my system is so much more responsive since I've made these changes. Honestly... it's like the difference between night and day. Thanks for nothing, Charter.

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    nice post, MSE really do works better than most of free AVs and similar to many paid ones. 

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    The older version of Firefox doesn't have enough security since no updates are taking place. Is there a way I could use F-Secure as its browser security? image

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