Every time I visit community it asks me to log in, Pleast somehow do improve it so it remember 


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    I am using autorefresh with firefox...



  • And i'm using Safari with out autorefresh...

  • I have the same problem. I have to log in every time I visit the forum. My browsers (Firefox 6.0.2 and IE 8) do not ask me if I want to remember my login credentials. This make me suspect that the login form somehow is not a "regular" or "plain" login form that the browsers recognises.


    Is there a way to make the browsers remember my login credentials? OK, this is a security related forum, but all content is public after all. Remembering the login credentials for this site should not be a very big security issue...?

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    Dear All,

    thank you for all the comments.

    We will now start working on the "Remember me" tick box in the login screen.



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    Hi Ania,


    "Rememner me" is only one part of the problem.

    Dropping the session ID after very short time of inactivity and the fact that the login screen still has two duplicate fields ("username" and "password") is the other


    A "keep alive"  would help!




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    Hi Matthias,

    thank you for bringing that up,

    I'll make sure it gets fixed.



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    The problem is that your login page says to the browser that the browser shouldnt offer to remember the login information.


    And I am having this problem as well, its annoying since you need to type your username and password every single time.

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    I found a solution for this that works like magic for Firefox Smiley Happy:


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    **bleep**, it doesnt work properly, Firefox remembers the password but doesnt automatically fill it the next time you need to login.


    Please fix this!!Smiley Sad

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    this can't work because the password field is duplicate and FF does not know where to put it.

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    Then what is the best solution we could do for such problem? image

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