F-Secure Sense - coordination with current router settings

My current router is  Pepwave SOHO. The features that I would like to keep are as follows:


#1. Forward outgoing DNS requests to Local DNS proxy, which is a DNS server that filters requests for pornograpy, hate, weapons, drugs, etc.


#2. Schedule WiFi access to days and hours.


In other words, will my Pepwave settings still be honored by Sense, or will it be merely a  bridge to Sense?


If merely a bridge, will Sense have the same advanced features as my small business router?


If merely a bridge, and Sense provides the features needed, I assume I can connect Sense directly to my cable modem. Correct?





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  • Donald90630Donald90630 Posts: 4 New Member
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    I installed my Sense. It is properly positioned as follows:

    Modem > Pepwave SOHO router > Sense Router > devices


    Good news:

    1. All DNS requests are forwarded to my Cleanbrowsing.org filters as setup in my Pepwave settings.

    2. I have not tested the WiFi schedule, but I assume it will also be in control.


    In other words, my Pepwave settings are flowing through to my devices via Sense. My Pepwave is not merely bridge to my Sense. So I have the protection of Sense and the adminstration of Pepwave (which is already a secure router).





  • JaimsJaims Posts: 392 Moderator

    Hi @Donald90630 


    The article here should answer your first question.


    F-Secure SENSE router currently does not provide content/category filtering nor scheduled wifi access that your upstream routers can do. This is one of the features of Family Rules on F-Secure SAFE.


    In order to protect your connected devices, you should be connected to the SENSE wifi (or with cable to SENSE).

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