F-Secure Sense - coordination with current router settings

My current router is  Pepwave SOHO. The features that I would like to keep are as follows:


#1. Forward outgoing DNS requests to Local DNS proxy, which is a DNS server that filters requests for pornograpy, hate, weapons, drugs, etc.


#2. Schedule WiFi access to days and hours.


In other words, will my Pepwave settings still be honored by Sense, or will it be merely a  bridge to Sense?


If merely a bridge, will Sense have the same advanced features as my small business router?


If merely a bridge, and Sense provides the features needed, I assume I can connect Sense directly to my cable modem. Correct?






  • Jaims
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    Hi @Donald90630 


    The article here should answer your first question.


    F-Secure SENSE router currently does not provide content/category filtering nor scheduled wifi access that your upstream routers can do. This is one of the features of Family Rules on F-Secure SAFE.


    In order to protect your connected devices, you should be connected to the SENSE wifi (or with cable to SENSE).

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