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How can I check if I have latest version of F-Secure ?

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    @redvet wrote:

    How can I check if I have latest version of F-Secure ?



    Next knowledgebase can be helpful:

    And information from main "About"-window can be used with next view:


    Current stable F-Secure SAFE is (17.num); Previous stable was '16.5';


    Certain modules can be with their own builds (this also valid for database-updates). Possible to re-check it under "rightclick tray-menu F-Secure picture" --> under tray-menu 'Common settings' --> under 'Updates'-tab re-check strings about name-timestamp (and can be useful to compare it with information from

    For F-Secure Internet Security can be also valid such meanings (most likely).


    Does it can be valid for your ask?




    // with another meanings: if there previous stable build (or 'provider' do not offer 'latest' build) --> possible to re-check/re-sure that will be installed latest available F-Secure build by fresh/clean installation. Usually "Networkinstaller" do install latest build/version (if it released).



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