Sense does not like the url http://*, what to do with 129 threats?

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I have googled what it does, but as I can read, its used by several blogs. 

Now as I have Sense up and runing, but I cannot find out if I should whitelist it or not.


I have 129 threats in my log, and I dont want to read one by one, they are all from 



So, question is. How can I as a user, be sure this is a safe url to whitelist, or read all 129 threats in my log?

The likebtn comes from a swedish gossip blog that my girlfriend is reading (4 real Smiley Wink )


Should have a clear all in the log btw within the app.


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    You can or rather should always submit urls that you think are safe but F-Secure blocks to F-Secure labs via the webpage for analysis.

    Just google: F-Secure submit url

    And you will find the page for submit.

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    Hi KennethN,


    Just adding on: The sample submission URL is here.

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    Thx @Laksh, I have done it!


    May I suggest to add the option within the app as well?

    So I can do a report directly from the app, and also the "clear all" / "mark all as read" within the app?


    Now my app will show, as long as I have unread messages in the app, "threats blocked" 

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    Hi, the problem is with the tracking protection.

    If you don't deactivate it, all the affiliate links don't work: for your case, but also for links provided for products on online store.


    The tracking protection, as provided, is a problem: no difference between trackers on a page, and tracker into links with affiliates programs.

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