SENSE for Windows is not yet activated

Hi, when I try to install/download the SENS app for Windows from http://sense.router/ I get the following error message.

"SENSE for Windows is not yet activated. Check the subscription status from the SENSE app and try again later."

In the SENSE app on my Androind it says "ACTIVE Valid until June 30, 2018"


Any tips on what I shoud do to solve this "problem".

Or should I just do a reset of router and try that way?

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    Thank you for reporting this,


    This message appears if the SENSE for Windows client credentials have not been yet provisioned from the SENSE back-end. Normally this should happen very soon after the setup has finished. If this situation persists over a long period of time it sounds like there's some issue in the provisioning process in our back-end.


    You could try power cycling SENSE, after reboot SENSE always re-registers with the back-end. If the situation remains, you can still try a reset. Resetting SENSE triggers some procedures when the device re-registers after the reset.  If even after that you are not getting a client through the link and the error persists, please get in touch with support and provide them with your serial number. They should be able to check that everything is okay on the back-end side and then escalate the issue if it is not.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead


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    I'm also F-Secure user (their home solutions, but not F-Secure SENSE); Sorry for my ask;


    Since - it not known for me "how http://sense.router/  looks" - when you open this promo-page - there not possible to find any "URLs/links" for download installer (SENSE app)?


    Because words ""SENSE for Windows is not yet activated. Check the subscription status from the SENSE app and try again later."" maybe means that there just not installed SENSE Windows app yet?


    Maybe other F-Secure SENSE users able to clarify or will advice there properly;

    Of course - if there "designed" situation.


  • The http://sense.router/ is a page hosted on the router (SENSE)

    Screenshot (223).pnghttp://sense.router/

    The error message comes when I click the Download link. So from all I can tell the router (SENSE) somehow haven't fully registrered my activation.


    I remember there was some problem first time I started it and the Subscription page on the Mobile app just loaded forever not showing any content - so the problem might be related to that.



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    Yes - sounds if there some troubles (so - maybe tomorrow there will be official response or you able to get contact F-Secure Support by their chat/phone);


    But based on your screenshot (if you did not edit it) - I able to think that 'background'-page looks strange (since I not sure about reasons place such picture - or maybe it just not fully visible and all text-centered there under page); Does there can be any trouble with browser? Do you able try some of them (if you did not it already);


  • The background image isn't 100% corect as I zoomed out on the webpage when I took screenshot (tried to make image smaller).

  • Try different browsers, disable all browser addons, try the latest versions of chrome and firefox.

    If all fails, soft reset sense and clear up app data on phone, and try again.


    Also if you have a firewall between sense and internet, disable it when activating sense or when you are setting it up the first time.

  • Many thanks for help. An reset of the device did the trick :)

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    Thanks for the update!

    We'll keep an eye of this provisioning procedure and hopefully not many people face the same issue.

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