Sense not working at all !

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the Sense drive me nut.

A first time, I could create the WiFi SSID, and create a cable Internet connection. After a while, the app (on my Android) said the Sense need to be updated. The update didn't succed at all, and the app said I have to reset it to the factory settings.

I did this, Sense displayed "FF", and I restarted the process.


But this time Sense don't want to connect tyo the Intent: whterver I do, it saus me (the app): no Internet connection.

The Internet connection work (I send this message with it !), the Sense has an IP address (I can see it in the DHCP).


Why does this silly device don't work ??? Of course, no answer to the ICMP packets, and no telnet or SSH, to check if it is alive on the network.


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    I recovered the Internet connection with cleaning all datas of the Android App. !!!

    But the device is stuck on recovering update: the app say there was a problem.


    I have a low rate DSL line: 2 Mbps only. I think the apps (ot Sense) falls into time out

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    And again and again: Could not update Sense. Reset the Sense router an restart the app to start the setup again ....


    Three times: I stop.


    Waiting for that from 10/2015 ....

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    Hi F6,


    This might need some investigation with our support team and I have escalated this post to our support. One of them will be getting back to you via email for further communication.

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    this morning I take it to my job: here I have VDSL and fiber line.

    On a VDSL: first time, trying to update, fault.

    I finally made a FF reset: trying, fault

    I made a RST: update sucessfull.


    Now it works (and it has a very poor managment interface)


    My humble opinion: your update server are overloaded. From two different ISP providers, I had the same problem, beginning the update and no result.

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    Apologies for the frustration,


    Can you please elaborate on a few technical details of your system to help us try to understand, possibly reproduce and narrow down the issue:

    1) Which phone / OS version you used for the setup

    2) What is the brand / exact model of your upstream router and your internet service provider at home of your 2Mbps connection

    3) what is the type of your home connection (DSL, cable, 4g... other?)


    Best Regards:

    Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead


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    1) Samsung Galaxy S6/Android 7.0 for configuration

    2a) my home: Freebox Revolution, ISP Free (France, Freebox provided by ISP)

    2b) at work: VDSL modem/router Technicolor TG788 vn (v2), ISP ... myself (AS25540 if you want technical information on connectivity). Direct link via a PPP connection

    3a) ADSL, between 2.5 and 3 Mbps (vary on hour, day, direction of the wind, and more ... it's an ADSL line !)

    3b) VDSL, 17.728 / 71.705 (up/down, in Mbps)


    It didn't work the 2 first time at work (case b)


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