SENSE replacing Freedome?

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Can the SENSE app and subscription replace the Freedome VPN that I currently have on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro? If so, how does the SENSE app compare to Freedome, and does it work in a similar fashion when I'm away and not connected to the SENSE Router?



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    Hi jp-g,


    You may find the following article of interest:




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    Well that wasn't really helpful, but incredibly vague. Does SENSE provide a VPN service like Freedome on iOS? Or is it integrated into the SENSE App and router? Or does it do something different entirely?


    I'm not looking to double encrypt my traffic; I don't have that need when it comes to speed vs. security. If I wanted that, I'd just buy TorGuard.


    I am specifically asking if Freedome is integrated in some fashion with SENSE, if SENSE provides a different VPN service, ~or~ if SENSE even functions like a VPN bc all the articles and help pages I've seen thus far is lacking in answering the degree to which SENSE functions as a VPN and whether or not I can simply use SENSE instead of Freedome to protect my Internet traffic both over the SENSE Wireless Network and while I'm away using the SENSE VPN (if it's even a thing) on my phone like I do right now with Freedome.


    I just need a straight answer. Not some marketing ploy with vague non-answers. 

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