Question About Norton Security Suite & CA Security Center

Hi,  I'm new to internet security systems so please bear with me as I explain,  Which is considered the better choice Norton Security Suite or CA Security Center?  Can I have both on my computer?  Also I clicked on a link for "Antimalware, And Antispyware Resources" and I am wondering should I add some of these applications in addition to the Norton & or the CA:
 - Spyware & Malware Removal Utilities
 - Spyware Protection Programs
 - Online/Virus Scanners
 - Malware/Virus Specific Cleaners or References
 - Spyware Removal Tools
 - Tools to help prevent Spyware
Or are these types of applications all a part of the Norton & or the CA.
Any help will be greatly, greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


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    Hi aotd,


    Welcome to the F-Secure community.


    I can't answer whether Norton or CA is better, but I can assure you, the F-Secure Internet Security is an even better choice.

    Our Internet Security has won multiple awards, one of them being "Product of the Year".


    Please do not install multiple Anti-Virus solutions on one computer, it will lead to problems.


    Please, give our Internet Security a try.

    You can sign up for a free, full feature, 30 day trial version here:


    Best regards,


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    AVs usually include all of them, can't say about norton nor CA, but please look at anti-virus tests, which you can find at: and and many more(actually few)

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