Apple ID itunes & Apple Apps Store securing tips!

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I came across a video in you tube that teaches how to prevent from itunes Apple ID from compromise.


As you would already know many Apple iTunes users have a habit of keeping Credit Card number details in your Apple ID.


One way to prevent of these from happening is to log in to your Apple ID and delete the details of your Credit Card number.


And select to None.


Save your Apple ID itunes details and log out.


If you want to make any purchase then you have to goto your Apple ID details and enter your credit card details. But make sure after you make any purchases from the Apple Apps Store or Itunes Apps Store you have to go back to your Apple ID details and delete your Credit Card/Debit Card account. And save your settings.



* Security steps: Make sure that your computer is not under Remote Desktop *


On a Mac check to see if Remote Login, Remote Events, VNC, Root Account,and that your network are not bind and are not shared. Even in Internet Sharing are all disable.

On Windows make sure the Remote Assistant,Remote Desktop, Admin account,so as your Internet Sharing,Network are not shared is disable.


If you are suspicious that your computer have been compromise. Backup all your data and reformat your harddisk. And reinstall OS with your computer  Recovery Disk that comes with it. Make sure you have a recovery disk.


Because time and time again there are number of cases of Apple ID being Hacked into.Apple will not held responsible for anything when your Apple ID is being Hacked into.


For Mac Users:-

Use:- AntiVirus program and do a full scan.

           Use Macscan to do a full scan for any potential spyware on your Mac. (

           Alternative DrWeb Light for Mac (

           or ClamXav


For Windows Users:-

Use:- AntiVirus program and do a full scan.

           Use Malwarebytes and do a full scan.

           Alternatively You can use DrWeb Cureit and do a full scan.(

           And you can also check with HitMan Pro.(


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