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I am having a lot of problems logging in my Account's to the Community Help Forum for weeks now. And I did not notice that there is changes being made.

I cannot seems to login directly to the Help Support Forum. I have to navigate to the Community Selections in order to login.

All my previous status in the Community Forum have gone. I was a Senior Advisor in the Community Forum.


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    Hi Rusli!

    Glad to see you here! Were you having login issues previously before we migrated to the new platform as well? Or was it after the migration in the new platform?

    We are aware of a known login issue where it shows an error message if you try to login using any URL which has an /en or /fi. We are currently working on fixing this. So, at the moment, in order to login to the community, kindly use the main page -

    About your rank as a Senior Advisor, we are revamping our Ranks since we have moved to a new platform. We will announce once we are ready with the new Ranking system.

    Thanks for your understanding. Sorry for the inconvenience about the login issue.

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