Freedome & HomePod speaker does not work?

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I use Freedome on my Mac. Just today I ot a new Homepod and tried to install it.

The Mac gets a connection (via WLAN of course) to the HomePod ONLY when Freedome is OFF.

Still in the same WLAN.

Via iPhone it works well: Same WLAN and Freedome activated (ON) -> Homepod connected.

Hmmm ... Any idea how to get run Freedome and listen to music? Is it possible to allow the connection to the Homepod?





  • hanswurst
    hanswurst Posts: 57 Observer

    Dear Sethu,

    thank you for the answer and help!

    It fixed the problem. Both, deactivation the KillSwitch but also adding a trusted network (whith KillSwitch activated)allowed the Mac to send music!

    Thank you


  • Lvhb
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    Sorry for my englisch, but i have the same problem with my wifi printer. After a few days of trouble i found the solution, the same as with the homepod speaker.

    Please F-secure send a message to all your user if you makes changes to freedome with an new impact in the network functionality. This is not funny.

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