The 'Ultralight' hoster taking up >50% CPU

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Anyone else encountered problems with the 'Ultralight' hoster eating away your CPU? I have a desktop with an i7-7700k 4,9GHz CPU, sometimes my pc starts to stutter and looks like if you're typing in delay. Since the name is Ultralight hoster I would expect the program to run flawlessly in the background without eating away my CPU power. It is probably a scan, I know, but they can still perform scans with less raw power on my pc. Any ways to tweak this program into using max 20% of my CPU?Ultralight Hoster.JPG


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  • nanonyme
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    The same phenomenon as in previous threads also visible here: memory usage is way too large.

  • ThoiZ
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    Thank you for your reply. I've read a fair share of topics before posting my own. I was wondering if you could limit the program to using a maximum of 20% of your CPU power. Or is it just best to stop the weekly scans and make it scan overnight?

  • nanonyme
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    I suggest doing a reboot (not power off and power on) to see if it has impact. There were comments in previous threads that this was helpful for a limited time

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