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I'm concerned about the collecting of all sorts of personal information via systems of Facebook and google. 

Does F-secure offer a sollution where those companies can't source personal information from me without losing the functionality of those tools? Everybody is using them so it remains relevant to have those... 

Looking forward to your feedback. 


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    I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions). And it will be only my own unofficial suggestions. Good if F-Secure Team will place some good advices for you (too).


    I able to think that such large companies should to provide their own things for preventing unexpected result. For example, under F-Secure Website privacy policy:

    Available list of Opt-out links for third-party providers (as tracking cookies or so). Where listed your noted companies too. It can be useful - if you do not want to disable cookies fully... and do not want to see how some certain companies set cookies. Partly it will cover your concern.


    Another suggestion is something like build-in (usually with most of common browsers or systems) 'tracking protection'-feature (and privacy-configuration). Where possible to limit some things or will create own rules.


    Based on your topic's name -> I able to suspect that your concern about Android system? With this situation -> maybe Android system with own configuration tweaks as prevention for unwanted actions for privacy.


    F-Secure do provide some tools/software, but I'm not sure that it should help too much with this certain request (only as good addition to other user's steps).

    For example, F-Secure Freedome VPN with abilities to hide your own IP; Secure your network connection (not possible to sniff it with common steps); and so on. While system's information still can be reachable... but will be not always possible to connect this information directly with you.

    Other solutions (like F-Secure SAFE; or package F-Secure TOTAL: SAFE+Freedome in one subscription) with design about protection against malicious and harmful items. So, if any of applications (your noted one) with suspicious activities -> it can be prevented. But not likely that well-known services and application will be marked as such (as not part of false positive). Even Freedome with Tracking Protection feature maybe with limitations and exceptions.


    Potentially, I able to suspect that such large companies and their applications with Privacy, License, User Terms - which user should to read and 'allow' it. If there something 'wrong' under their terms (for you) -> most valid step is just do not use this services and applications.

    If all OK with Terms... but companies acted with strange 'collecting' -> probably good to ask them about it (if this action break their own terms). I able to think that many large companies do not use 'collected' information for tracking you (directly) or do use it when you do not want it. More troubles can be with strange advertisements networks (and other rogue-things) - who do not ask about your decision. With such design -> good to use security solutions and system's own security settings.




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    Hi DonV,


    I found this blog post from our Safe and Savvy blog in relation to your post. Please have a look at the blog post for more information.

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