I want to unsubscribe


I want to unsubscribe

Let me know how I can do this, it’s nearly impossible to back out this is rediculous. 


Re: I want to unsubscribe

What do you want to unsubscribe from?  If it's a product, you can just uninstall it, but if you want to have your account deleted, you will need to contact Support:


Contact Support by Phone or Chat


If you want to remove your forum account, you will need to contact one of the Admins, such as @Laksh or @Ben.

Community Manager

Re: I want to unsubscribe

Hi @Jhibst9187,


As Simon has mentioned, please let us know which F-Secure account are you referring here.


If it is the F-Secure community account, please follow the instructions here if you would like to close your community account.

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