TP121 Windows client release


Re: TP121 Windows client release

Hi All,


Installed 2.21 build 281 on my old Win8.1 Pro laptop (2gb ram, 1.46GHz dual-core) and everything is incredibly fast so far. The only thing I noticed is the program took a bit long to load after a cold boot this morning (the last disk defrag performed last night could be culprit though).

Keep up the great work.


Re: TP121 Windows client release

On two Windows 8.1 64 bit platforms I had on 25.9.2014,  F-Secure Internet Security TP 2.15 build 358.  Which looks to me like ISTP115 from June 30 and had not been upgraded automatically since then.

After the install is fs protection 2.21 build 281 as for others.

No problem running the installer.