Freedome blocks O365


Freedome blocks O365

Hi, I have Freedome active in multiple windows PCs and have an issue with one of those.

When booting the windows Freedome vpn gets active in the startup. Outlook client can not connect to my work nor personal ( account. I need to switch Freedome off and login, once done I can switch it back again and everyting works fine.

However, if I go to my O365 account via browser and go to my OneDrive for Business or sharepoint (which is basically the same if I know right) I can see the files, but I'm not able to open any of office files, unlsess I switch Freedome VPN off, and keep it off until I have all needed files open.


Any solution for that?


Re: Freedome blocks O365

Hello @Josku 


Have you tried to re-install the Freedome? if yes, but the issue still remain, please have a look at this KB article.


Also, I found this link where you can find some basic troubleshoot steps how to fix the outlook connection issue after turn VPN on.