Feature suggest for Freedome

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Feature suggest for Freedome

1. A possible "kill switch" to cut network connections if the vpn connection drops?


2. Protection against browser fingerprinting (via an extension to browsers).


3. I think it would be a nice to have the option to reset the counters "Tracking attempts blocked" and "Harmful websites blocked" - just out of curiosity to see how fast the numbers grow as you browse.

I seem to get pretty much similar results with µBlock extension on Chrome/Firefox combined with Freedome's Tracking protection feature. As in, if i disable µblock and load a website, the attemps show up on Freedome (vs if i enable the aforementioned extension, the attemps show up on µBlock icon).


These days Mozilla Firefox also has some tracking protection feature by itself, I have it enabled when i browse with it (and µBlock installed) combined with Freedome. This setting can be enabled as follows..

- Type about:config on the address bar

- Double-click privacy.trackingprotection.enabled to toggle its value to true.



F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: Feature suggest for Freedome



Thanks for the input. I'll pass forward. Remember to use our Feature request board to promote better your ideas.

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