Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Before you get the mac computer, first of all did you make a Mac OS X maverick recovery USB thumb drive???


Because if you didn't have that, there is no way, you can format your Mac computer and reinstall your OS X.


Make sure all the Apps that you purchase comes from apple apps store.


Make sure you back up your data, photos, files to an external USB or Thunderbolt

hard disk...


Make sure you have a Apple ID and register to Apple.


Did you purchase the Apple Warranty, Apple Care???


You can only use 3 years on a new Mac computer if you buy Apple Care.


Otherwise, you may have an old Mac Computer model.


If you have Apple Care and if it still under warranty you can send your Mac for repair.


You can make a Apple MAC OS X Mavericks USB thumb drive here at this link:-




You need at least 8 or 16 GB thumb drive inorder for you to make a USB Recovery image.


Remember once you formatted that hard disk, all the data in the Mac will be gone.


You need to back up your important data to an external harddisk like...


But first of all you need to detect the virus first before you proceed any ot these methods as I mentioned above.


Did you have a legit copy of Microsoft Office being install on your Mac???


Did you buy and have a DVD copy of it???





Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

I do the full scan and it seems as though it bypassed all the virus' s and such. Like they manipulated the program or something. Every site I go to I get the , certificate for ...... can not be identified and may be presenting itself to be google when it's not ( or something along those lines) FROM kaspersky, but then if I hit cancel to not accept 2 seconds later I get a pop up from kaspersky saying " server returned invalid certificate .... " certificate name " and then accepts it . If I do nothing it eventually does same thing and accepts too. When I'm on what looks like a safe site. Green writing saying https: google .com but I click the icon to the left it says , server can not be identified , and if I look at cert. info in the details for organization and date auth: and exp: and such it's all blank !
So kaspersky acts like it's working but somehow has been manipulated . As it seems all my apps. I've found apps I never installed , there's an app in my apps called macs MacBook Pro apps . And in there are all my apps again and then some . Two sets. I also have like 4 library's and I'm only user. There's a User folder and a hidden Usr folder. With a LOT of folders attached.
I am the admin but I DEFINITELY Dont have admin priveledges all the time , when I go to the permissions if a folder there are user names that aren't in my system preferences with more permissions than I.
I'll for sure get on the F Secure train tomorrow !
Thanks soooo much
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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

If you intend to call F-Secure support there is  a hotline number which you can call base on your country location.


Call F-Secure support
Country Language Service hours*) Phone number
United KingdomEnglishMon-Fri 9-18*)0870 0130 794
United States and CanadaEnglishMon-Fri 9-18*)866-295-2725
Asia/Pacific (Malaysia)EnglishMon-Fri 9-18*)+60 3 7712 4605
AustraliaEnglishMon-Fri 9-18*)1300 195 516
BelgiumFrench and DutchMon-Fri 9-18**)02 256 66 60
DenmarkDanishMon-Fri 8-17**)70 20 41 51
FinlandFinnish and EnglishMon-Fri 8-18**)09 8862 5050
FranceFrenchMon-Fri 9-18**)01 73 03 65 43
GermanyGermanMon-Fri 9-19**)069 669 831 31
Hong KongCantonese, EnglishMon-Fri 9-18**)3071 4907
ItalyItalianMon-Fri 9-18**)0248280003
NetherlandsDutchMon-Fri 9-18**)020 5040608
NorwayNorwegianMon-Fri 8-17**)22 419 890
PolandPolishMon-Fri 9-18**)22 356 1946
SwedenSwedishMon-Fri 8-17**)08 507 440 11
SwitzerlandGerman, French and ItalianMon-Fri 9-18**)084 220 40 80
All other countriesEnglishMon-Fri 8-18 EET**)+358 9 8862 5050

*) Service hours are shown in local time and are subject to change.

**) Closed on public holidays.


Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Thats the thing ! We ve already reformatted and reinstalled my operating system! Got a new hard drive, new IP address , router , modem Everything. I had backblaze online backup , and get this. The only way to instal an encrypted passcode to yr backup is from your very computer..... Well swear on everything I hold dear , I never installed anything but username and regular password( encrypted is extra feature) well we went to access the backup and low and behold, it has an encrypted passcode on it and no one can access it now.
I've had the operating system reinstalled twice. Im telling you this is some insane stuff. Again, the people I've been working with know what their doing , and haven't been successful yet.
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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Are you sure you got the correct ip address...


Because base on the info that I have I trace it and it comes from Australia.


You didn't come from Australia did you???


(Please do not tell where are you from in the forum)

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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Did you do a quick format or zero out.


Have you zero out your harddisk.


The only think I can think off now, if your macbook pro is still under warranty, you can go to Apple Support Center and have it replace.


Because the newer Macbook Pro comes with SSD pci-e card.


Like the one here...


The SSD is very very expensive to replace.



The older macbook pro the non retina ones have normal harddisk...


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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

if you back up with an infected Mac, of course the virus is still intact.


You must remember how does it happen, what did you do.


You cannot simply assume ...


You have to remember.


Well at least you have this forum to back you up if you are innocent.



Don't forget to click on the Kudos button if the issues have been solve.



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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Mac OS X recovery for a new hard disk installation here ....

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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.



To zero out the hard disk go to link here....



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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.



First you said it is a Davinci Mac OS X malware virus.


Now you said someone is monitoring you. Who is monitoring you???


Did you happen to get infected by a Government Virus???




You use Intego for Antivirus and do a Full Scan on your Macbook Pro , iPhone and iPad.


If you think someone is monitoring you, someone must have access to your computer.


And know your password. Someone must have remote login to your mac via root and also do a remote desktop. VNC and screen sharing.


make sure your system preference sharing option is turn off and make sure your firewall is turn on and block all incoming.


Change your password, do not use the same password as before.


Check your account names see if there is more than one user in your User account.


Make sure root account is not turn on.


Do not use a simple password to guess.


Muted your sound level on your macbook pro and cover the Web cam with a paper and sticky tape. Or a plaster.


Change all your router admin password.


Do a video recording on your hand held video camera.


And record everything proof that you have.


And informed to the Police, if you think your life is at stake!