My f secure already in use


My f secure already in use

Hi I purchased f secure safe for 1 home device instead of renewing  through the my f secure account where it asked to renew for 3 devices. Now I cannot create an account to activate f secure safe as my email address is already in use. 


Re: My f secure already in use



Sorry for my reply.


And if you do not mean that your "email address" for My F-Secure Account just randomly in use (not by you with previous subscription)...


Most likely you have next options:


--> If you want to use your previous account/mail-address for fresh subscription:


Most helpful step can be direct talk with F-Secure Support channels like: - phone call;

 or - chat;


Maybe they able to handle situation.


Not sure if it available on weekends. If there is delay with get support by this channels: maybe you able to re-check your previous account with "order/payments"-tab, where can be places/buttons - where you able to add subscription license. Maybe it will be work (or maybe required remove previous subscription for three devices before this try).


--> If you able to create account with another (your) email address:


So just there will be fresh My F-Secure Account with "another" mail-address and with fresh subscription.


If just totally fresh/another mail-address not an option - maybe with some of mail-providers there possible to use something as "aliases" (where will be "different" address for service, but letters anyway will be related with your "main" mail address - with meanings that you do not create something additional as fresh credentials).